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Only my favorite drawings/photos that I have found here on deviantART are located here.
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All of my photos that I have done, for sale.

Rest in Peace, mom.

These three photos of my late mom Janet were done in 2000, 2004 and 2005, during more happier times and 12 and 7 years before her untimely passing on May 12, 2012 due to complications due to having tongue cancer.
We never did put her obit in any newspaper, so searching for her obit will bring up no results.

Happy Mom. by fanfictionaxis My mom and me by fanfictionaxis Mom with the Strawberry Field sign. by fanfictionaxis

I love you mom.


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My birthday badge

My birthday badge

My stamp collection.

These are the stamps that I approve of or have created.

Why do you? by ARTic-WeatherNever Stop Learning by VonHolldeTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineWriting is a talent. by PixieRioti love sleep stamp by ohhperttylightsI love purple stamp by violetsteelI Love The Night by TheLoveTrainBest Writing at Night Stamp by HarukaWindWriting is my Passion by DreameryukiBest Revenge is happiness stamp. by fanfictionaxisthe rain stamp by SaytherineColored Pencil Stamp by XxKibasStampsxX# stamp - love oreo by gigifehSquee Fan Stamp by omnicatbusToshiro Hitsugaya Stamp by lightpurgeObsessive by CynpaiAdoption Saves Two Lives by CynpaiNot Worth It by British-ProphetessI Don't do Valentines Stamp by loonyowlI support writing English by FragileReveriesAmong other facets of writing... by ZeroGravityCroquetWhy Are Writers Ignored? :Stamp: by Stitchlovergirl96Writers Life by LostKittenwriters block by Girl-just-let-go-200Social Butterfly Stamp by icedance4ever-stockButterflies. by Monster-BoarSave the Sharks by CynpaiWriting Makes Me Happy by Blashy-Chan
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Yesterday at 5:27pm, my brother had our vets put down his 19 year old Maine Coon cat Pi Bunny. His health had went down hill fast since the first of the month. Craig thought he would die on mom's 71st birthday on September 7th, but he held on and didn't or couldn't die, till we brought him and Craig to the vet's and when Dr. Ward shaved Pi's leg, Pi didn't fuss or struggle to pull his leg away, Dr. Ward and Craig both knew the time had come and a gentle rub on the head, the needle slipped into his vein and the overdose was given and Pi went into his forever sleep and stopped breathing and passed on.

RIP Pi Bunny, the last of Craig's Columbia Missouri Animal Shelter adopted cats. Pi adopted Craig as he was looking at another cat, Pi poked his paw out and planted it right on Craig's head and meowed. Craig picked him and another gray tabby which he named August.
Yes, I've opened another campaign on go4fund. This one isn't for my horses as they got moved to their new location yesterday afternoon.

This one deals with me getting my GED or my High School Diploma, the link is - Help me get my GED! Please?

I am 44 year old without a High School Diploma or a GED. The reason behind this was a decision that I made at the age of 16 years old in 1986, in Rolla, Missouri.

I had just barely passed the 7th grade into the 8th grade. I had poor grades mostly In-completes and Fails but a few A's and B's in art, music, English, P.E., and woodshop classes. But I was the target of the school bullies, I had suffered partial hearing loss in both ears, and was very slow in learning math, even though my teachers found out in the middle of the school year, by then, it was too late for them to really do anything but to put me into Remedial Math, with the mentally challenged kids from the fifth, sixth and seventh grades. I was the oldest student in the 7th grade, I was humiliated by the P.E. coach when the Presidential Fitness Program came out and we all had to state our ages to him. I spoke in a low voice 15, to which he asked 13? I said in a bit louder voice, Not 13, 15! One! Five! I was born in 1970, idiot. Yes, I did call him an idiot. To which what few of my friends thought was totally cool as I would be driving by the time I got into the 8th grade. But the bullies decided to use that information to bully and tease me till I no longer wanted to attend school anymore.

When I started to get a drop in grades in math half way through the school year, the math teacher didn't make an effort to send home a note with me asking for a face to face talk with my parents to discuss the poor math grades I was showing as I went from A's to F's by the middle of the school year.

My parents went to the school and asked them to hire a tutor which they (my parents) would pay for, to which he said our budget is spent on other things for the school classes. He didn't hear or want to hire a tutor for one lone student for help with math class which the parents would pay for the tutor, all they had to do was hire the tutor - that was all. But that refusal to hire a tutor to be paid by the parents for their child, along with how I was treated in school as they wanted to fix the more easier problem than my weak math skills - my speech, their handling of my learning problems made my decision on quitting so much easier.

Sadly, my decision to quit school has now hindered me greatly as the only paying job that I can get is one at a local workshop which they considered it to be only a stepping block for me to get into the work force. But I want to have that elusive diploma in my hands, so I am asking and begging all my friends, watchers and total strangers to help me get my GED.

I want to be able to go from the job I have to one that would greatly improve my life and with me not having a High School Diploma or a GED hinders that possible job that I could have.

I am seriously good on the computers, I can basically multitask, answer phones and deal with typing on a computer. My typing skills is fast. Probably 170 words a minute. I'm really good at what I do on the computer.

I really loved my time in school but with how the teachers at my last year of school treated me and pushed me aside when I came asking for help, I still want to return to school even after all these years, I yearn to walk down those corridors and talk with my fellow classmates.

I am really serious about getting my GED or my High School Diploma as it has been almost 35 years since I walked out of Rolla Middle School in Rolla, Missouri as a drop-out.

Yes, you heard me, a drop-out. I dropped out of school because I knew in the next year, the teachers would repeat what was done in the previous year, as they ALL did before. Not one looked at my Math reports to find that I did poorly in Math and needed extra help in learning Math. I did find out that my Math skill is that of a Third Grade student! And here I was in the Seventh Grade and way behind the other students.

I want to go back to school so I can have that diploma that I denied myself by dropping out because of the lazy teachers back in the middle of the 1980's.

By donating money to my cause, it will help me get back to school and get me closer to getting my High School Diploma or my GED.

Thank you.


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I'm trying to make my group :iconphotographersaccept: into a Super Group and I need more points to make that happen.

Can you please give some to me to help me with my goal for my group?

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Which new name should go to Cailean as his new name? 

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Just your average central states girl, who wishes that she lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with a passion for writing fanfiction and original fiction.

Hard of hearing but not deaf by fanfictionaxis Social Butterfly Stamp by icedance4ever-stock


French translation: S'il vous plaît ne me demandez pas pour les points, je ne distribuer les points. Merci.

But I am looking for points to make one of my groups a super group. If you wish to help out, please look for my donation box and donate some points to me. Thank you.

You're So Vain (dA Remix) by Cynpai

I finished NaNoWriMo 2011 with 61k from five different stories. I did fairly well.

My 2011 NaNoWriMo Winner Certificate by fanfictionaxis

I did and finished NaNoWriMo 2012, 50k words in 30 days. I hope to get over 63k done this year, since I did 61k last year. I went and did 73k.

2012 Nano Winner Certificate by fanfictionaxis

I am doing NaNoWriMo2013 this year. I decided about a week ago that I'll do it but I'll not expect myself to get over 50k this year, but if I do, that'll be great!

Anyone who favs one of my deviations will get a llama from me. Thank you for liking my deviations to where you add it to your favorites.

Ways to contact me:

Skype: Note me and ask me for it.
dA PM system, the button by the watch will allow you to write me a note to communicate with me.

Personal Quote: Live life to the fullest, you never know when you will die. If you lie to me, you lose my friendship with you forever, no second, no third, and for sure no fourth chances.


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